Tips For Improving Your Illustration Skills

If you enjoy drawing, definitely want to get better every day. You want to create something eye-catching that everyone will want to look at. Whether you are creating illustrations for fun or doing as a profession, it is important to create good illustrations. That is why it pays to improve your drawing skills.

When it comes to illustrations, you need to be on your toes. This is because things are changing every day and you need to update yourself on how to go about this. That is why I came up with these tips. If you are struggling with creating outstanding illustrations, read this article to end to learn more.

Enroll in a class

The first step to improving your skills is to enroll in a drawing class. This is a good way to keep yourself accountable. The reason is that you will have a teacher who will be there to correct your mistakes. Apart from that, you will have a chance to see others in the class draw. This is not just enjoyable but it benefits your observation skills. 

But how can you find drawing classes nearby? Consider checking your university to see if they offer such lessons. If you cannot find one there, a simple search on Google will give you several schools nearby. 

Have an illustration book

Ensure that you have an illustration book wherever you are. This will always remind you to get your book and pen and perform some drawing. Any place you find or see ideas that fit your project, you will note down without having to worry about forgetting what you saw. 

Draw early morning

Your daily routine has a lot of influence when it comes to improving them. If you are an engaged person. It can be hard to focus on your drawing. That is why it is crucial to draw early morning. Ensure that each day before you go out, you draw something from your list of things. If you do this daily you will see that your skills have improved after a while. 

Learn the rules

Before you can do any drawing, ensure you know the rules. If the number one rule when sketching a certain project is accuracy, consider breaking this rule a few times before you can make the final sketch. It is not wrong to break a rule so you can learn. But is wrong when you are not guided by any rule. The rules help to prevent frustrations when drawing. The act as guidance to ensure your art comes out great. 

Remember the line weight aspect

When doing all your illustrations, always remember that it is vital to consider the line weight. Know which weight will make your drawing to stand out and tell your fan about what is important on your form. 


You will not become an expert artist by doing it one day. Practicing it every day will help enhance your skills. Remember your routine also plays a great role – read article on what makes a good drawing